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We build digital products from scratch tailored to your specific needs and demands. Therefore, you can always show your brand uniqueness and authenticity to stand out!


Networking is one of the most crucial aspects in life. Therefore, we are building a strong community that cooperates, shares information and assists each other in difficult issues. Therefore, we can maximize each other's potential.


Renting offices is not doable or necessary for all entrepreneurs. However, most of us want to have an external workplace to separate private and work life. Therefore, the Haus offers coworking spaces for everybody. You have the benefits of an office, while keeping the flexibility of working from home.


The Haus offers an environment where people can get the best out of themselves and each other to achieve their goals.



We bring a broad spectrum of talented and highly motivated entrepreneurs together in The Haus that share their stories and expertise. A place to have freedom, collaboration, and transparency.

We're a brand new startup coworking-hub that originated in the city center of Groningen. Offering co-working spaces around Groningen and an online community.

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